Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zero Progress

Hi there.  I'm just about to start writing and finish chapter five, wherein Perrad, Rhaes, and Kail finally find the lost city of Argas, and find that the entire city is crawling with monsters.  I'm excited.  But before that, I have to write a blog post, even though technically it isn't even Tuesday anymore.  Thank you to Sandy, for commenting!  I really appreciate it.  Even though I was practically begging for it on WF, it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  It's nice to know that you're being read.
     Exciting day today.  I got caught in a really bad rainstorm (in Phoenix!), and just as I was drying off I got caught in another one, and I got hailed on.  Really big chunks of ice were just falling from the sky.  I don't know if you've ever gotten caught in hail, but it hurts!  A lot!  Only upside?  I got to take lots of notes.  About the rain, the first fall thunderstorm, the hail, even the way the campus looked flooded.  I love taking notes.  Adds authenticity, if I ever happen to be writing about something I've actually done in real life.  It's great for settings, scenes... that's one thing about writing I would definitely advise others to do, and that is to take notes.  Write about summer during summer, so you can remember it in words in winter.  Write about a fire you're sitting in front of.  Write about sitting down, waiting for a bus.  Take notes about life as you're experiencing it, it adds a lot of depth to your writing when you get a chance to put it all in.
     But, you know what I miss?  Dicking around.  Having fun.  Playing video games.  I'm doing a lot of writing, and I really think it's impacting my social life.  Since it's all I do, it's all I can think of to talk about.  I don't have time to do much else, and even when I do get off my ass and do something all I'm thinking about is how much time I'm wasting, how much writing I could be getting done.  I think that it's partially a good thing, because if I want to do this professionally I need to be writing even more than I am now, but how do I turn it off and live a little?  I don't even have any vices!  Life needs to be more than writing and gathering material to write about, doesn't it?
     Thirty-six people have visited this blog, my own little slice of the internet.  Are any of you writers? Don't you have anything to say?  I'm not asking myself these questions, you know.  How do you balance writing and living?

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