Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost, Not Quite

I was going to finish my book last night. I really was! I was trucking along, typing frantically, getting to the end, when the virus that's been plaguing me and mine decided to shut down Word, killing and eating my last forty minutes of work. =( <-- sad Lee. I hate it, HATE IT when that happens. The way I write something is the way I want it written, and having to go back and try to recapture those same words... Frustrating. My word count ended up being much lower than the actual words I put on paper, just because I didn't check to see where I was when Word crashed unexpectedly and I didn't want to artificially inflate my count. Blegh.

Getting ready for NaNoWriMo, in that I've been thinking that I need to start world building, and going over the synopsis that I have for the first three chapters to iron out my plot. Also working on my sci-fi short story, might do a bit more of that tonight. Not much is going on with me, it seems. Might not get a chance to read the book tomorrow, even though it's the one month anniversary, should probably get a chance to do that on Thursday, and then trust me, I'll have something to talk about. It'll either be, 'oh dear God, why did I write this?' or, 'hey, this isn't so bad.'m If it's the former I might retire my blogging career earlier than I expected... Just kidding. You're stuck with me.

Sorry I don't have anything of importance to say today... Get ready for NaNo, all of you out there who are writers, and the rest of you have a great evening, and a wonderful day tomorrow =)

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