Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tired and Title-less

So tired.  I hate Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  I work late both days, and I don't have time to write at night, or the desire to write in the mornings...  Some people say they write wonderfully while tired.  They say it gives them a chance to write without the benefit of self-censorship, giving themselves a more free experience of letting their creative sides take over.  I call bullshit!  How can you concentrate?  I'm trying to write and my fingers can't find the keys and I don't want to press backspace when I make a typo because it feels like too much effort.  I left the house this morning without having a cup of tea and I am zonked.  I was going to get some at school, but it costs money at school, and it was raining, and blah blah excuse excuse...  /rant.

Not much to say, or report, I guess.  Gearing up for NaNoWriMo, wondering how much world building I have to do for my new story, if any, and thinking about the genre.  I'm awful at genres.  It's kind of a science fiction horror survival, and I don't know if it has elements of fantasy in it or not...  It's about a little girl whose parents are both eminent scientists in their fields, and so their daughter comes with them on a scientific expedition to a frozen island where there exists a material that is quite possibly the solution for the energy crisis.  And then, after all that back story, scary things start happening - imagine the beginning of a video game.  Oh no, the grid went down!  We should probably send a team out to investigate!  Oh no, where did everyone go?  The island has a secret, the scientists probably have a secret... I put it on my NaNo page as 'Lost meets Lovecraft', and I think that fits it pretty well.  My only hope to escape a terribly cliched story is the fact that I have a little girl as my protagonist.  I have the first three chapters outlined, but I don't know how much of a sci-fi story I want vs. fantasy.  Probably more science fiction, my first two books are fantasy and I don't want to get typecast, so I need to come up with the back story that will make it more scientific than fantastical...    

Still working on my dungeon crawl, which is still unnamed, as is my epic fantasy story.  Hey, there's a topic.  Names.  At what point in writing do you give your work in progress a name?  I usually refer to my WIPs my acronym, for example DC for my dungeon crawl, EF for my epic fantasy.  I have pages of names for my fantasy, because the book has been done now for close to a month, and it's about time.  But nothing I come up with fits.  I've played with languages, random generators, and I don't have a clue what I'm going to call this thing.  I mean, it needs a name, right?  I can't imagine sending this off to a publisher as 'Epic Fantasy 1' - it'll get tossed out without a second look.  My dungeon crawl needs a name, too, but mostly because I have plans for some spiritual sequels, more of a serial underlying idea, whereas my EF is a trilogy.  No idea what to call it. 

How do you do it?  Where does the title come into play?  I even had trouble naming this blog, I had to dig through my notebook for ideas, I made up words, I played around with my name, I used random generators...  naming things is not one of my strong suits.  Characters, either.  Random generators all the way, or, my favorite, playing with a word, backwards, forwards, taking out a letter or adding a letter, until it's a fun new word.  I love words, I just can't love one enough to stick with it.          

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