Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNo Lives On

And so do I!  Welcome back, everybody, to another exciting episode of Proof of Theft.  Last week was a mess, but this week I have no tests and I even have a day off for Veterans' Day, which is super exciting because I was contemplating taking a mental health day anyway sometime soon.  I've still been writing, I went to the Phoenix write up at Bookmans and got my 2k words for the day, so even with not writing at all a couple days last week I'm still barely ahead of schedule.  Whew.  Getting there, everybody.  Getting there. 

I want to make sure this posts on Monday, so I don't have a lot of time, but things are moving smoothly along in life and in writing.  Traiska and the rest of the research team have just been stranded on the island, which I didn't expect to happen, and the other ships won't know about their predicament until it's too late!  I don't know if this story is going to be more horror or more sci fi, I'm still trying to work on that.  Futuristic, but scary at the same time, and I've never written a long work of either genre.  But then again, I'd never written a long fantasy work either before I finished the first book in my trilogy, and now I'm writing science fiction and horror at the same time.  Crazy, isn't it?  I have this fear, I think, of only writing one thing, of being stereotyped, of sticking to only one genre when I'm thinking of so many kinds of stories.  Who says I have to be a fantasy author, or a science fiction author, or a woman author, when I just want to be an author? 

Out of time, thanks for stopping by and I promise I'll be writing more tomorrow!  Have a great night and be safe!

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