Sunday, May 27, 2012


I know I'm doing book reviews at the same time I'm posting chapters of my own book, so I wanted to make a little note.

I'm doing this for me.  I'm scared shitless of sharing my work, and I figure this is the best way for me to do it.  I'm not nice about the work of other authors, and I don't want anyone else to be nice to me.  If you think I'm being unfair, I've given you plenty of ammunition to fire back at me, and I welcome your doing so.  Teach me something.  I realize that I don't often capitalize in these chapters, and that there are quite a few misspellings.  I have left them there on purpose.  They are raw words, and they're here to illustrate my belief that even my frenzied rough drafts are better writing than the crap I've been reading lately.  "I can do better than this" is the reason I became a writer in the first place.

Anyway.  Here's chapter three.

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