Monday, September 27, 2010

I just finished my novel yesterday...

     And boy, are my arms tired.  Well, that's a little extreme.  But after having spent the last ten months getting this idea on paper, I'm at kind of a loss as to what happens next.  I know I need to edit it, and I'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off of my manuscript so I can come back to it with my editing face on.  Then comes the distribution of copies of my beloved novel to friends and family and waiting for their input, then maybe another couple of drafts, and then off to (hopeful) publication.
     But what else am I doing between now and then?  I have a novel in the works that I started months ago, and I've spent more hours than I would like to admit looking at it and trying to figure out exactly where I was going with it.  Maybe if I just start writing I'll find out.  I really like the idea, but working on another project seems... too soon?  I'm halfway through a rough draft of a play, and I think that will be easy to keep working on because I've been keeping up with it, ten pages every Monday.  And maybe I just deserve a day off from novel writing.  Last week I had a word count of 13,979, which when coupled with a part time job and full time education sets a pace that feels to me like 'breakneck'.
     I know I have lots of other books in me.  This blog, eventually, hopefully, will become a sounding board for new ideas, maybe a place to post bits and pieces of things that I'm working on, most of which will be probably fantasy, horror, science fiction, or just plain speculative fiction.  Hopefully (I know, I'm using the word too much) next time you see me, I'll have broken this block on working on a new/old novel.  And I already know what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo!  Do you?  

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  1. Whenever I write, even e-mails to friends, I notice that HOPEFULLY, shines like a searchlight on a moonless night. Its like every other word, or so it seems. Is it genetic that you suffer the same curse?? Or, does it reveal some shared pyshological deficiency (like a failure to trust our inner selves, the inability to map out our future, to always trust to luck and good intentions)??

    Our theme song should be, "Wishing and Hoping," by Dusty Springfield. Oh, please. What we NEED to say is I CAN, I WILL, with conviction rather than the weak-wristed 'Hopefully' that we carry around our necks like an albatros.

    My Dad used to say, "Get off your soapbox Arlene," when my mom would go off with some similar diatribe. So, I'm getting off mine, at least until next time.