Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Block Broken

     I've been sick, which is a possible reason for my unwillingness to write lately, but as of yesterday my novel block is over.  My novel is done, it's out of my mind for a month while I tackle other projects.  For example, my dungeon crawl!  You know, when a group of adventurers goes into a dungeon to retrieve an item of some special significance?  Mine has a little extra to it - a dash of survival horror.  I'm just about 15k words into it (it's a project I started a few months ago and tried to work on concurrently with my epic fantasy novel, didn't work out) but I'm on a good track, I remember what I was doing and where I was going with it.  Great feeling, to be writing again (I only took Monday off, but it felt like a long vacation).
     I did some free writing yesterday, a prompt in my writing class.  Write a dialogue between two characters while they're doing something else - moving furniture, weeding the yard, doing dishes, etc.  I wrote a snippet of a scene between two men while they were playing cards and I really like how it turned out, I'm going to bank the idea for a story (or something) in the future.  I feel like it's already been done, but so has everything else, right?  I haven't gotten a chance to work on my play yet, but I really feel like that's secondary...  It was my fiance's idea, and I liked it so much I hijacked it even though I've never written a play in my life and he was in theater in high school.  As long as I finish ten pages this week I'll be happy.  Maybe even tonight, if I finish my other writing for the day (at least 2k words).  Either way, I'll probably blog about it tomorrow.
     Speaking of which, blogs are pretty cool.  I've never had one, and this is great to talk about my writing like this to a place where no one sees it yet.  I'm no good at social networking, really I'm not, but I promised myself that when I finished my first book I would start a blog.  To what end, nobody knows.  If anyone is out there reading this, drop me a line!  I would love to hear from you.  Have a great day!   

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  1. Hello! I've been browsing your blog. You said you wanted readers to drop a line, so... hey! Name's Alyssa. I found you by googling "I just finished my novel." Good luck on your writing and editing!

    You mention in another entry how social networking feels like work to you. I understand the feeling--it's the reason I don't do twitter, I keep my facebook private, and I quit my blog after only the first week. Eventually I realized that I could use my blog for the same thing I use writing for--to share my ideas with people. When I stopped looking at it as a platform for networking and started thinking of it as a chance to talk about issues I care about, I found I enjoy keeping the blog.

    As for the stealing of fanbases--I like to think that my link will be followed by the writer of the blog I'm commenting on. I guess I'm more interested in connecting with other writers than building a fanbase for myself. A fanbase can't really further your craft (though it certainly can further your career) but writer friends can do both.

    Anyway, you haven't made a post since last year, so maybe you won't ever get this. Oh well. If you do read it, I hope it helps!