Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The art of getting things done

     Is something I have not yet perfected.  I finished my book on Sunday, and my gloriously lovely future mother-in-law printed it out for me, so I finally got to see my finished work.  It's pretty impressive.  It looks like a book, and I can hold it in my hands and flip through it and imperiously call it my manuscript.  It's a wonderful feeling, and one I long to recreate.  But ever since I typed 'the end' on page 449 of my novel, I haven't written anything else.  Besides these posts, but that's just because this isn't really an exercise in creativity.  I have a play I'm working on, The Zombie Apocalypse: A Play for Two People, and Mondays are my nights to get ten pages of work done.  Which I didn't do last night.  Today, I'm procrastinating instead of working either on my play or another WIP I haven't seen in months, since I started it in the middle of writing my other novel and found out the hard way I couldn't work on both at the same time.
     I'm pretty sure I just need to start writing again, to put the first word down on paper, and I'll be back in my groove.  I just don't know why I can't seem to do it.  I might try a writing exercise or two.  Anybody else out there have this problem?  Have you completed a work, only to be blocked when you go to work on something else?  

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