Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wow, what a trip

Hey!  I'm back!  I've actually been back for a couple of days, but somehow I ended up getting busier than I expected yesterday and wasn't able to get back on schedule on schedule.

I did something that I was pretty proud of while on vacation.  I took a journal with me, and every hour, I wrote a page.  Every hour.  I missed a couple, and sometimes I made those up by doing two in one hour, but for the most part, one page of journal, every hour I was awake.  Some of these are actual journal entries, not very interesting, detailing what happened to be going on, where I was, personal details and the like.  But sometimes, I did what I call 'written sketches'.  What I was touching, smelling, tasting, seeing.  I came up with some really good lines, and I was in a lot of interesting places where I was able to write almost a scene in a place I might never return to.  I did journal entries in the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's basilica, Napoleon's Tomb, the top of the Eiffel Tower, and at the top of the Notre Dame cathedral, to name just a few of the places I was able to write.  I've never been interested in travel writing, which is what my step father called what I was doing.  I don't know if I would call it that.  I wasn't writing about travel so much as I was traveling while writing.

I filled up two whole journals in the two weeks I was gone.  Some of it was good, some of it is my complaining about my mother.  They can't all be winners.  Today, I'm going to share an entry with you, one of the first nights we were in Rome.  They're a little strange out of context.

Piazza Navona at night is not the same piazza as it is during the day.  The street performers are louder, there are fewer people, and the noises are from full restaurants and loud music rather than bustling tourists.

A man on electric guitar is playing feet away from the bench I'm sitting at, and moments ago we walked by a trio with a female vocalist playing a version of 'Eye of the Tiger' I'm sure the original band never could have conceived of.  

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