Friday, May 13, 2011

Big News

Hey, all.

I totally meant to update yesterday.  I even got online at 11:45, ready to update, but Blogger was down.  So, whoops.

The news is, I'm going on a two-week hiatus.  The reason is, I'm going to Europe!  My Mom and I are going on a trip together, for our birthdays.  We're going to Rome and Paris.  I'm getting more and more excited as time goes on, especially because my wonderful, amazing fiancé gave me a journal for my birthday last night that he doodl  ed in.  The plan is to copy what he did on our cruise last year, where he wrote a comic every hour (!!!).  I would like to fill up one page of my journal every hour I'm on this trip (and awake).  One page of writing.  Every hour.  It's a small journal, but I still plan to write big and make doodles.


(Preemptively ended and posted. Hijack'd! -G)

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