Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Wednesday...

And you know what that means!  Another chapter is available for your viewing pleasure at Youpublish!  This is chapter three of the story, where our intrepid adventurers go deeper into the caves and try to avoid the guards that still hunger for the recapture of their prisoners and the slayers of their comrade.  

That might be a little melodramatic, but hey.  Check it out if you get the chance.  It's free, and I'm trying to come up with something like a free e-book copy for anyone who downloads any of the chapters once I get everything all nice and edited.  I will hook you up, for reals.

I've been reading a lot of writing advice, lately, about how to make your writing better, and I see the same thing over and over again.  Experimentation, is one of them, and one I think is very important.  Getting stuck in one way of doing things just sounds silly to me, and that's probably one of the reasons I can't seem to stick with a genre to save my life.  But more than genre, experimentation is about medium.  How you express yourself, and through what form.  My goal today is to write a poem and one page of script.  

I've never been a good poet.  I always try to tell a story even when no story needs to be told, and I'm working on poetry as a way to strengthen my 'show don't tell' muscle.  Try to break away from that part of me that needs to be saying, 'and then this happened.  And then this happened.  And then this happened, and then that happens!'  There's a time and a place for that part of me, and that time is Not All The Time.

I was working on a script last year that my beloved and I lovingly refer to as The Zombie Apocalypse: A Play for Two People.  I did three weeks of writing ten pages of script every Monday, and then I stopped because God knows why.  I think I told myself that I had no idea how to write a play when I was, in fact, writing a play.  I would like to pick it back up again, dust it off and slowly finish it.  I liked the idea and where it was heading, and I liked that at the time I was working on two entirely different kinds of projects at once.  It was refreshing.  I was learning, and I think that both can teach me ways of how to write both better.

Speaking of writing, I finished writing the first chapter of my Young Adult story last night, tentatively entitled The Song of the Star.  I just finished a cover for it - something I've been doing a lot lately.  

It's fun, photo manipulation, and it feels almost like productive procrastination.  If you, for any reason, want to see the other covers I've done, here's the only time I'm ever going to link to my deviantart page.  I took all the pictures myself and use something called Picnik to do the manipulations.  If you don't do this, try it some time!  It's fun, and a chance to stretch other creative muscles, especially if you're like me and have a good sense of aesthetics, but can't draw to save your life.

Before I forget, I also have a prompt for you today.  It's called 'The Mirror':

There's been a terrible accident. You wake up in a hospital room, all alone, with nothing beside you - no cards, no flowers - except a small mirror. Do you dare look into it?
Write this scene. 500 words.    

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