Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Back

Hey, folks.

Big plans this year, just getting a bit of a late start.  I know I vanished off the face of the earth last year, but for what were good reasons at the time - my computer was totally busted, unusable, really.  I finished NaNoWriMo and kinda freaked because that manuscript - all 50k words of it - is trapped in a laptop that is over a decade old.  Cannot get it off.  Seriously.  And other things, cumulating in my being pretty much unable to write for a few months.

But I'm back, still writing, editing, etc, and I have PLANS.

I'm publishing them here, so I can't renege.

1.  I'm going to start posting on my blog again.  Three days a week, tues, thurs, and sat.  This is happening, for reals.
2.  I'm going to PAX this year with a short story, printed out (and probably stapled), with my website on it and a link to a self published story available for free on amazon.  None of this has happened yet, but like I said - PLANS.
3.  I'm also looking for conventional publishing options.  I haven't been writing that much during my hiatus, but I have been writing.  Several short stories, more starts that I've ever had, and what could be, if I had about a bajillion more hours, a few novels.  On Tues I'll get a little deeper into what I've been working on, and I'm also trying to figure out how to get this site more out there.  Publish more often, obviously, but I'm also thinking about doing book reviews, maybe some how-tos, anything I can to flex that writing muscle a little more.  I've yet to sit down and come up with a concrete schedule, but each week there is going to be some serious editing time, and some serious looking-at-where-to-publish-this/oh-dear-God-there-my-precious-baby-goes time.  So, yeah.  Stick around.  There's gonna be some changes.

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